About us

The Treatlite business concept springs from a desire to spread the message of the possibilities of therapy laser treatment to a wider group of patients. Physicians, laser technicians and financiers formed a development group.

The specifications were to make a device, efficient for different medical treatments, to operate on an optimal wavelength, to be easy to handle for everyone and completely without any risk. The device should also be approved to be registered by EU as a medical therapy laser and to be CE-marked as a medical device in class 2a.

The solution was a new type of lens giving full power while pressing the lens against the skin, but spreading the beams and to be fully harmless when lifting the devise.
The design of the technique around the laser diode and the operating system was handed over to the best laser technicians to build.

Treatlite attracted a lot of attention for its laser device and was awarded several distinguished prizes for its invention and new possibilities for new groups of patients.

The effectiveness of  the treatment with therapy laser in the wavelength provide by Treatlite is well confirmed by a great number of scientific studies. Scientists confirm that Treatlite Active, in spite of its small size and simple handling, gives comparable benefits with larger equipment.

Treatlite is produced in Sweden. Every single devise is checked according to the safety rules and function demanded by the CE certification. Any services or repairs that may arise will be performed swiftly.